Lollipop Sticks, Sucker Sticks & Cake Pop Sticks


Browse our complete line of Sucker Sticks that are made in the USA! Our sucker sticks are great for making Lollipops, Suckers, Cake Balls, Cookie Pops, Freeze Pops, and Cake Pops! Whatever your project is, we have your sucker sticks in stock!

  • Our 3 inch x 1/8 sucker sticks are great for small projects like small chocolate dipped fruit, Chocolate Fountains, and Hors D’oeuvres!
  • Our 4 1/2 inch x 5/32 sucker sticks fit most of our chocolate and candy molds…
  • Our 6 inch x 11/64 sucker sticks are great for cake pops, cake balls, and larger projects!
  • Our 7 inch x 7/32 pointed sticks are safer than wooden sticks for Taffy Apples and such!
  • Our 8 inch x 7/32 sticks are the largest stick we carry, perfect for Wilton Cake and Cookie molds, Freeze pops, etc.
  • We even carry an 11-3/4 inch by 11/64 inch stick for your largest needs!

Our paper lollipop sticks are strong, safe, biodegradable, and meet the strict FDA industry standards. These sucker and lollipop sticks are the best on the market at a great price!!!